Sports and Memorabilia Framing
In Jenkintown, PA


Framers' Workroom specializes in custom framing services for sports jerseys, medals and memorabilia of all kinds. Any size or shape, any sport or team - we'll design the perfect custom framing package for your favorite sports collectibles or souveniers.  

We understand that a lot of sports memorabilia has significant value, especially autographed items. We always frame with this in mind and never use adhesives or other damaging products in direct contact with your collectible. 

Jersey Framing


Our most common sports related item to frame are signed jerseys. Often a ticket or photograph is included to commemorate an event. We hand-stitch all jerseys and hide the stitching within the seams and existing stitch work so that the jersey is displayed as flat as possible. We might fold the sleeves and/or bottom of a jersey to keep the overall size of the piece manageable. We have a few different folding techniques and which one we use depends on which looks best with the jersey we’re framing. As with almost all artwork, we use conservation glass to protect the colors in your jersey from fading.

Framing Sports Items & Accessories

Combining photographs with three-dimensional objects takes some creative thinking. Each article has to be stable within its own boundaries yet make a smooth transition visually to the next object. Some pieces take quite a bit of engineering to achieve this balance, especially considering that we’re not using glues to hold anything. A signed hockey puck or baseball from a hall of famer must be preserved in its original condition.



Metals and Awards Framing


Commemorate your milestone or achievement by giving it a place on your wall. Medals, race bibs, ribbons and event photos make great gifts for athletes of any level. Have a race medal or other award that you're especially proud of but aren't sure what to do with? We're experts at designing a piece that will surely impress. 

Take advantage of our in-house printing services to combine the perfect snapshot with your medal, race bib, etc.

Framing Collectibles


Entertainment and Movies

A pair of boxing gloves signed by Mike Tyson, an airbag cover from a GT500 autographed by Carroll Shelby, there really is no limit to what we can frame. Some of these framing projects really push us to another level in trying to marry a clean, compelling design with sound craftsmanship.

Certificates of authenticity, when provided, get a dedicated clear sleeve on the back of your framed piece. There is no need to file them away somewhere only to forget where you put them. 

Trading Cards and Autographs

Trading cards and autographs tend to have a rigid set of framing criteria because of their value. The mounting technique used must not leave any residue or trace of itself on the card or autograph. There are clear mylar corners which introduce no adhesive to the art and are often best for floating the piece. We might also use rice paper strips and wheat starch to attach the art to a mat or backing. Both techniques are truly archival and do not impact the value of the art in any way.

Conservation glass is always recommended for objects of any value. A piece does not need to be getting direct sunlight for it to be affected by u.v. rays.

Framing Military and Historical Items

What better way to pay tribute to a family member or historical occasion than to preserve and display their uniforms, medals and documents. From the Eisenhower jackets of World War II to the earliest paper currency of our country, we go to the greatest lengths possible to honor your cherished memorabilia. 

We have the expertise to put together a design that enhances your item while preserving its integrity and value. You can rest assured that a piece framed by us will be around for future generations to honor and appreciate.